The new orchard USES small arable land, tea garden cultivation machine

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Product Description

Power type: diesel

Applicable fields: agricultural products

Model: JC - 500

Tillage: 700 (mm)

Depth of ploughing: greater than 80 (mm)

Productivity: 3 (ha/h)

Weight: 70 (kg)

The machine has many advantages, such as small size, large power, low fuel consumption, complete function, reliable performance and flexible operation. On the basis of the advantages of all kinds of advanced rotary cultivators and idyllic machines in China and abroad, it has also added important functions such as rotary tillage, deep ploughing, ridging and furrow, and furrowing.

The integral cast iron gearbox has the characteristics of rigidity, deformation, high precision and long service life. Hexagon shaft output, firm and durable.

Use of rotary cultivator: suitable for large area and small area to remove weeds, suitable for weeding in orchards, farmland, cornfields and mountain areas. Powered by gasoline, it has light weight, small volume, simple structure, convenient operation, easy maintenance, long service life, low oil consumption and high production efficiency. Small rotary cultivator lightweight flexible, easy to operate, no matter male, female, old, less, can easily learn to use in a short time, can skilled operation soon, save manpower, increase productivity, the absolute is a good helper of your family to get rich

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